#antearrach – A Twitter Project

Some of the #antearrach tweets

Some of the #antearrach tweets

Over the past few weeks, we have enjoyed a number of conversations about the Signs of Spring that we have begun to see in the world around us. But the #antearrach Twitter project (coordinated by seomraranga.com) has added so much to this discussion. The idea is that any class tweeting about signs of Spring that they have observed, includes the hashtag #antearrach, thus providing a grouping for tweets on the topic.

With the use of this project hashtag, we have been able to expand our exposure to the various signs of Spring, which has been particularly useful in terms of developing an appreciation for the larger impact that Spring has on a rural community. We have seen photographs of baby lambs, tractors spreading slurry, and frogspawn and tadpoles – all of which would have been limited to textbooks had we stuck to traditional lessons.

And since many of the classes we see tweeting about #antearrach are classes we have interacted with before, we feel a more authentic connection with the images we do see, and have an opportunity to ask questions and learn more.

Click here to read more about seomraranga.com’s project.


4 thoughts on “#antearrach – A Twitter Project

  1. WOW….this is an amazing blog….I teach 6th class but I’ve heard an awful lot about aistear recently and how it is the buzz word/ theme in infant education at the moment! It’s obvious you’ve done an absolutely amazing job I can only imagine the amlunt of time and preparation this takes!!!

  2. Dear Miss Blood,
    Your Aistear Blog is an inspiration. I enjoy visiting your site and always come away with some great ideas! Míle Buíochas.
    All the best, Eilín Loibhéad

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