Teacher Role Play Planning – A Place to Start

Sometimes I find myself at a loss to think of a suitable premise on which to base the Role Play for a particular scheme of work. Other times I have a clear idea of what the Role Play should be based around, but am unsure how best to resource the area to facilitate productive play.

I have found the following Role Play booklet, which was prepared by the University of Cumbria, an invaluable resource in this task. If I already know what the Role Play area will contain, there is usually a cheat sheet available in the booklet for me to print off as a starting point for my resourcing. Better yet, if I haven’t yet figured out what to put in the Role Play corner, having a flick through the booklet usually yields a couple of suggestions.

I would recommend that any teacher who is tackling Aistear should save a copy of this to their desktop, or print out a copy to keep on a bookshelf nearby.

University of Cumbria Role Play Booklet


4 thoughts on “Teacher Role Play Planning – A Place to Start

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you still knew where to get access to the role play booklet mentioned – it says the link is broken now and I am having no luck through Google, thanks!

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