‘Dip’ Planning and Aistear

Aistear is a tricky area when it comes to the probationary year, as play seems hard to plan for, but as so much of the timetable is given over to play, it is important to be able to see its benefits.

I have already addressed the issue of fortnightly planning here, but for ‘dippers’ there needs to be some kind of termly plan too. As I did not have a template to follow, I created my own layout. Page 1 of my Aistear termly plan did not change from term to term, as it just lists the principles, themes and aims of Aistear, but I thought it worthwhile to list them, both for my own reference, and in case the inspector was not familiar with Aistear; it would give them an at-a-glance idea of where I was coming from.

Termly Plan for the Learning Through Play


2 thoughts on “‘Dip’ Planning and Aistear

  1. This is a fab blog. I am just beginning my first year in the infant classroom and in a multigrade class too. I am looking to see how viable and manageable it would be for me to implement this in the classroom. thanks for the tips. keep it up!!!

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